Database errors when "Saving SKU and Import License"

Version 5

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 2018.x

    After installing 9.6 Data Analytics you may run into the following error while importing with exception handling turned on:




    This error is a product of the DA_ProductLookup table in your database, not receiving it's new structure during install.


    To fix issue this please use the following steps:

    1.    Backup your database.

    2.    Run this script:

    ALTER TABLE DA_ProductLookup DROP CONSTRAINT UQ_DA_ProductLookup

    ALTER TABLE DA_ProductLookup DROP COLUMN Product_Idn

    DELETE FROM DA_ProductLookup WHERE DA_Manufacturer_Idn IS NULL


    3.     Then right click on Software License Import and select Import Software License Lookup Information.

    4.     In the new window navigate to InstallPath:\\ManagmentSuite\MP.XML\ and select the productlookup.xml file.

    3.     Attempt to run your import again with exception handling.


    Please note that after completing these steps you may have lost some previous mappings however it should be easily resolvable by running the import rule with exception handing and mapping your lookup values.


    Once this process is completed the issue should be resolved. If not please restore your database to your previously taken backup and contact support for assistance.