LANDESK Patch News Bulletin: Microsoft has Released Out-of-band Security Bulletin MS14-068

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    • (November 18, 2014) Microsoft released Out-of-band security bulletin MS14-068. This security update resolves a privately reported vulnerability in Microsoft Windows Kerberos KDC that could allow an attacker to elevate unprivileged domain user account privileges to those of the domain administrator account. It is recommended update that customers should apply to affected machines. Please visit the following page for more details:


    New Vulnerabilities

    •   Vulnerability ID – MS14-068 

    Vulnerability in Kerberos Could Allow Elevation of Privilege (3011780)


    Changed Vulnerabilities

    • Vulnerability ID: N/A  


    New Patch Downloads

    • windows6.0-kb3011780-x64.msu
    • windows6.0-kb3011780-x86.msu
    • windows6.1-kb3011780-x64.msu
    • windows6.1-kb3011780-x86.msu
    • windows8-rt-kb3011780-x64.msu
    • windows8-rt-kb3011780-x86.msu
    • windows8.1-kb3011780-x64.msu
    • windows8.1-kb3011780-x86.msu
    • windowsserver2003-kb3011780-x64-chs.exe
    • windowsserver2003-kb3011780-x64-cht.exe
    • windowsserver2003-kb3011780-x64-deu.exe
    • windowsserver2003-kb3011780-x64-enu.exe
    • windowsserver2003-kb3011780-x64-esn.exe
    • windowsserver2003-kb3011780-x64-fra.exe
    • windowsserver2003-kb3011780-x64-ita.exe
    • windowsserver2003-kb3011780-x64-jpn.exe
    • windowsserver2003-kb3011780-x64-kor.exe
    • windowsserver2003-kb3011780-x64-ptb.exe
    • windowsserver2003-kb3011780-x64-rus.exe
    • windowsserver2003-kb3011780-x86-chs.exe
    • windowsserver2003-kb3011780-x86-cht.exe
    • windowsserver2003-kb3011780-x86-csy.exe
    • windowsserver2003-kb3011780-x86-deu.exe
    • windowsserver2003-kb3011780-x86-enu.exe
    • windowsserver2003-kb3011780-x86-esn.exe
    • windowsserver2003-kb3011780-x86-fra.exe
    • windowsserver2003-kb3011780-x86-hun.exe
    • windowsserver2003-kb3011780-x86-ita.exe
    • windowsserver2003-kb3011780-x86-jpn.exe
    • windowsserver2003-kb3011780-x86-kor.exe
    • windowsserver2003-kb3011780-x86-nld.exe
    • windowsserver2003-kb3011780-x86-plk.exe
    • windowsserver2003-kb3011780-x86-ptb.exe
    • windowsserver2003-kb3011780-x86-ptg.exe
    • windowsserver2003-kb3011780-x86-rus.exe
    • windowsserver2003-kb3011780-x86-sve.exe
    • windowsxp-kb3011780-x86-embedded-chs.exe
    • windowsxp-kb3011780-x86-embedded-cht.exe
    • windowsxp-kb3011780-x86-embedded-csy.exe
    • windowsxp-kb3011780-x86-embedded-dan.exe
    • windowsxp-kb3011780-x86-embedded-deu.exe
    • windowsxp-kb3011780-x86-embedded-enu.exe
    • windowsxp-kb3011780-x86-embedded-esn.exe
    • windowsxp-kb3011780-x86-embedded-fin.exe
    • windowsxp-kb3011780-x86-embedded-fra.exe
    • windowsxp-kb3011780-x86-embedded-hun.exe
    • windowsxp-kb3011780-x86-embedded-ita.exe
    • windowsxp-kb3011780-x86-embedded-jpn.exe
    • windowsxp-kb3011780-x86-embedded-kor.exe
    • windowsxp-kb3011780-x86-embedded-nld.exe
    • windowsxp-kb3011780-x86-embedded-nor.exe
    • windowsxp-kb3011780-x86-embedded-plk.exe
    • windowsxp-kb3011780-x86-embedded-ptb.exe
    • windowsxp-kb3011780-x86-embedded-ptg.exe
    • windowsxp-kb3011780-x86-embedded-rus.exe
    • windowsxp-kb3011780-x86-embedded-sve.exe



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