How To: Manually Put a Machine into the Unmanaged Device Discovery Tab

Version 2

    Unmanaged Device Discovery can sometimes fail to update the Computers section in the UDD tab with the results of the UDD scan.


    This can be due to multiple reasons, the most common being that the machine already exists in the database due to a scheduled task targeting the machine.


    It may be necessary or useful to put the machine back into the UDD Computer field so that it can be targeted with an agent deployment task.


    To do this, run the following command in a SQL Query Analayzer window.


    The following entries correspond to the Columns in the UDD window.  All values must be present in the query, as NULL values are not allowed in the statement.



    insert into UnmanagedNodes (Nodename, IPAddress, PhysAddress, Subnetmask, OSName, CBAPresent, CurrentUser, WorkGroup, DeviceGroupInfo_IDN, FirstScanTime,

    LastScanTime, Numberofscan, IPMIGUID, CMMGUID, CmmSnmpPort, CmmSlimPort, AMT) values ('NEWPC', '', '000000000000', '',

    'UNKNOWN', 'N', '', 'WORKGROUP', 1, {ts '2008-10-01 09:35:18'}, {ts '2008-10-01 09:35:18'}, 1, '', '', -1, -1, 'False')