The Management Gateway Appliance Now Allows for Adding Host Entries to /etc/hosts through the Web Interface

Version 1


    There may be reasons to add entries to the /etc/hosts file on the Management Gateway.  However, adding host file entries with vi are overwritten if the networks settings are changed through the web interface.



    The Management Gateway Appliance requires DNS to resolve certain servers names for public servers such as the following:







    If the Management Gateway Appliance's DNS server cannot resolve these names, host entries must be added.




    Management Gateway Appliance


    Using the web interface on the Management Gateway Appliance, apply the GSBWEB-56 update. 


    Note: It is recommended to apply all available updates.


    After applying the latest updates, the Management Gateway Appliance now allows for adding host entries to /etc/hosts through the web interface.


    Legacy Management Gateway Installed from ISO


    As the Management Gateway installed from the ISO does not support updates through the web interface, this patch is not available.  Host entries should be added after network settings are configured.  A backup of these hosts entires should be created so that they can be manually added each time the network settings are saved using the web interface.