Blocks as border in VT, with MC9190 or MC3190 CE6.0 Device.

Version 5

    Verified Product Versions

    Terminal Emulation 7.3


    Motorola MC9190 or MC3190 CE6.0 Device, TelnetCE, VT Emulation Type, and the menu screens.



    When these devices connect to a VT Emulation Host, and get to the Menu Screen, they have "blocks" instead of lines, as a border.



    The Courier font on the device does not support some line modes.


    Solution/ Workaround:

    Put the two (fontcpy.cpy, cour.ttf) files from the attachments, in the Application directory on the device. This will replace the cour.ttf on the device, and have a copy file to overwrite the cour.ttf after a cold boot.


    More info from the Motorola Site: