Avalanche 6.1: How to create a custom report for battery status and free memory

Version 9

    Verified Product Versions

    Avalanche 6.1


    Avalanche 6.0, 6.1 Custom Reporting

    Web Console


    How To:

    How to create a report that returns the Device ID, how much memory is currently free on the device, and how much battery is left on the device.

    Video with Step by Step Instructions:

    Watch video below to see how to create the custom report for Battery Status and to find how much free memory is available.

    1. Log into your Avalanche 6.0 Console
    2. Click on the reports tab
    3. Click the Add Report icon
    4. Select Custom Report


    5. Select Enterprise Server and click next

      step_3_enterprise Server.png

    6. Select DeviceProperty and click next


    7. Enter in the following query:
    SELECT a.DeviceId,a.PropertyValue, b.PropertyValue
    FROM DeviceProperty as a, DeviceProperty as b
    WHERE a.PropertyName = 'wles.Memory.ProgramFree' AND b.PropertyName = 'wles.BatteryPowerRemaining' AND a.DeviceId = b.DeviceId



    NOTE: You can test what results will be generated by your custom report by pushing the [Test] button

      8. Click Next

      9. Title your report and select your desired Output (PDF, XML, or CSV) and Click Next


    10. Click Finish


    11. Run the report











    Further information about Avalanche Reports can be found at http://help.wavelink.com/docs/help/en_US/AVA/6.0/Default.htm#Avalanche/Reports/reports.htm%3FTocPath%3DAvalanche%2520Rep…