Issue: The Remote Control Menu is greyed out

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.6


    When trying to remote control the client machine, the menu is grayed out.



    Steps To Try

    1. Ping the client machine from core
    2. Telnet client machine at 9535 and 4343 port
    3. Is the Core server in a Domain, and the client machine is in WORKGROUP?  Join the client to the domain, then can the client be remote controlled successfully?
    4. Do your DNS server records match your DHCP server?
    5. Can you open the following URL from core to client: http://clientIP:9595/allowed/ldping, and http://clientName:9595/allowed/ldping
    6. If the client IP URL can be opened as an XML page, but the cilent Name URL cannot be accesses you can try the resolution below.



    1. Check the Network adapter settings on client machines:
    2. Check the DHCP server settings to add 045 options: