Updating passwords in DA after 9.6 SP1 Update

Version 3

    In DA 9.6 SP1 Patch Update we updated the encryption method being used. As a result of this change, Data Analytics can no longer read the previous encryption and the passwords stored in Data Analytics will need to be updated so the new encryption can be applied properly.


    After installing this update please make sure to check the following locations and make sure your passwords have been reset in your DA configurations and saved.

    Check all rules in Data Translation Services. This includes (but not limited too):

    • B2B Connectors
    • Import and Export Rules
    • SQL Command Rules
    • LDAP Rules, etc.


    Update all passwords stored in Discovery Services > Logins.


    Executive Report Pack > Report Settings.


    Run "schedrep.exe /i" from command line on your core and update your credentials in the window that pops up.

    Note: This applies to the 9.6 SP1 patch update. Customers who install the update via the LDMS 9.6 SP1 installer will need to update their passwords, and the same goes for those upgrading using the stand-alone DA 9.6 SP1 installer.