How to enable compression for Console

Version 8

    You can improve performance over a slow network or WAN by enabling the compression option in the local

    console.exe.config file on each computer that is running the Service Desk console.
    This reduces the amount of data passed over the network. However, it may have an adverse effect on a
    LAN owing to the additional processing required at each end to compress/decompress, so use this only on
    WAN links.

    The default location for console.exe.config or Consolex64.exe.config is C:\Program Files\LANDesk ServiceDesk.


    To enable compression, add the following in to the local Console.exe.config or  file after the <configuration> tag



    <section name="microsoft.web.services2" type="Microsoft.Web.Services2.Configuration.WebServicesConfiguration, Microsoft.Web.Services2, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35" />
    <add type="Touchpaper.Framework.SystemServices.SoapExtensions.CompressionInputFilter,
    Touchpaper.Framework.SystemServices.SoapExtensions" />
    <add type="Touchpaper.Framework.SystemServices.SoapExtensions.CompressionOutputFilter,
    Touchpaper.Framework.SystemServices.SoapExtensions" />
    <trace enabled="false" input="inputTrace.webinfo" output="outputTrace.webinfo" />


    The line below also needs to be added below the <appSettings> tag.

    <add key="IsCompressionEnabled" value="1" />