Avalanche Server: sequence number exceeds the limit causes the avalanche not able to accept any changes

Version 3


    Avalanche 5.0 with any database.

    Problem Symptoms:

    - Making a change to a package in the console (Java-based) and selecting save, will not make the requested changes

    - There has been no contact with devices from the EServer's perspective. Devices continue to connect fine and download from the DServer though.

    - deployment tasks will be in pending status


    When this issue occurs, and you are able to see specific errors from logs, that means the sequence number has exceeds the allowed number. You will have to reset the number so that avalanche could continue perform properly.

    ERROR TransportAPI - Message process threw exception while working on IRMC_REQ/IRMS_SET_MU (10/1106)

    org.springframework.dao.DataIntegrityViolationException: could not get next sequence value; nested exception is org.hibernate.exception.DataException: could not get next sequence value



    1. If your avalanche server is running on MSSQL database, please refer to attached document for how to judge if the sequence number needs to be reset and how to do that.

    2. If your avalanche server is running on Postge SQL DB, then

      1. Please follow the article Avalanche 5.x Manual Backup and Restoration to backup the avapackages folder and the DB
      2. Zip up both the avapackages folder and the DB backup
      3. Upload the .Zip file to www.wavelink.com/drop
      4. Create a case at http://support.wavelink.com and Contact Technical support and explain the issue.
      5. Once it is a confirmed sequence number issue, then support can resequence your DB and avapackages and send it back to you.