How to remotely Unprovision vPro Devices

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    Method for remote unprovisioning of vPro clients, for troubleshooting and correcting issues that may require the client to be unprovisioned.

    The Intel(R) AMT Unprovision Utility is a simple command line utility that allows users to remotely unprovision an Intel(R) AMT system without requiring a

    separate management console.


    Note: This test will make use of the free 3rd party application Intel Unprovision.exe. Ivanti does not endorse nor support any 3rd party software. Users assume all liability when working with 3rd party software.




      1. Download the Intel UnprovisionEx.exe tool.
      2. Unzip the files to your Software Distribution Storage.
      3. In the Management Suite Console, create a new Software Distribution Executable package.
      4. In the Package Information section use the UnprovisionEx.exe as the primary file.
        • Unprovision Package PrimaryFile.png
      5. In the Install/Uninstall Options section add the following switches into the install/uninstall options: -hostname %computername% -user admin -pass [email protected] -full
        • For the password please use the admin password for your vPro clients.
        • The -hostname can be either the listed variable, FQDN or IP address.
        • InstallUninstallOptions.png
      6. Save the package and schedule it out to the vPro devices you would like to unprovision.
      7. Once these machines are in the pre-provisioned state attempt to zero-touch provision these devices.


    (To verify the provisioning state of the machine please reference


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