How To: Connect to Remote Registry

Version 2

    1. How to open remote registry service

    Click on Start->Run->input services.msc. In the prompt window, double click on the "remote registry service" and click on "start" button.


    2. After starting the remote registry service, how to use remote registry

    a. Click on Start->Run and input regedit.

    b. In the prompt window, click on File->Connect to remote registry.

    c. In the prompt window, input the IP address of the remote machine and then connect.

    d. Then the authentication window will prompt. Since registry key are secure information, we will need to enter an administrator account.

    e. After successfully connecting to the remote registry, we could create, delete or rename the registry.


    3. How to disconnect remote registry connection

    In the registry key editor window, right click on the remote registry computer name and then click on Disconnect.