How to: Add attachments on Configuration Items

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    Service Desk 7.7.0 up to 2016

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    I would like to add attachments to my CI's in Service Desk. How can I do this?



    There are two ways you can add attachments to a CI in Service Desk.



    1. Attach only one file to a CI:

    1. Create an Attachment Attribute on the Configuration Item Object in Object Designer.

    2. Add the Attachment Attribute to any Configuration Item window that you wish to add an Attachment to.

    This will allow you to see the Attachment Attribute on any Configuration Item and to add one single attachment per Configuration Item.


    2. Attach multiple Attachment to a CI:

    1. Go in to Object Designer

    2. Under "Configuration Management", choose to create a new Business Object.

    3. Name this "CI Attachment" and save Object Designer.

    4. On your "CI Attachment" Object, create a new Attribute called: "Attachment" and specify this to be an Attachment Attribute in the Data Type.od.png


    5. Link your "CI Attachment" Object to "Configuration Item" Object and answer YES to the pop up question.




    6. Highlight your new Collection and click "Manage Actions"

    7. Create a new action called: "Add Attachment"




    8. Save Object Designer.

    9. Go to Window Manager and create a new window for your "CI Attachment" Object.

         Remember to make the window available for Web Access if you are looking to use this in Web Access.





    10. You will now see an action called: "Add Attachment" when you view any Configuration Item.





    How to see the added Attachments on the CI Item window

    To see the attachments that you have added you will need to create a filter for the window that we can add as a tab to the window itself.

    You do this in Query and Report Designer and select to create a new Filter


    1. Base the filter on the CI Attachment Object under Configuration Item

    2. Filter by the Object for the window where you are looking to add the tab.

    For example, if you are adding this to your Laptop Object, then you will need to select Laptop here.




    3. Add on the "Name" attribute as a column to your filter

    4. In your Criteria add:


    "Configuration Item.Title Is Equal To (Title)"



    5. On the General page, make sure to set a launch action.



    6. Save your filter.

    7. Launch your Laptop window in window manager and add a new Query tab.

    8. Select the filter that you created and save your window.


    window tab.png