Bluescreen After Applying KB3013769

Version 3

    This document applies to LDMS 9.5 and 9.6

    OS affected: Windows 8.1 x86 only



    Kaspersky has notified us of a bluescreen issue seen on Windows 8.1 x86 with LDAV (Kaspersky) installed after applying KB3013769.

    Microsoft has added this issue as a Known Issue for KB3013769




    Current Status

    Workaround available:

    Kaspersky has released a content update that changes their AV definitions for Windows 8.1 x86.

    It is recommended to update AV definitions to a date of December 15, 2014 or newer.  This will prevent the bluescreen when applying KB3013769.


    Because the fix is in the definitions, a BSOD can still occur during the initial install of LDAV on Win 8.1 x86 systems if KB3013769 is installed. 


    In this scenario do the following:

    1. Restore to the last restore point as indicated in Known Issues section of this Microsoft article KB3013769.
    2. Install LDAV,
    3. Update AV definitions
    4. Apply KB3013769.


    If you are currently experiencing a bluescreen issue on Windows 8.1 with LDAV installed, please contact our support center so we may provide any forthcoming fixes.


    In a future patch we will be including a newer MSI that includes the updated definitions, this will allow installation of LDAV with KB3013769 already installed.