About Device Control Supported Platforms and Interfaces

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    This article describes the supported devices platforms and interfaces that can be controlled by Ivanti EPS Device Control.


    Devices such as Android, Apple IOS, Blackberry, should be supported regardless of Operating System version installed.   Devices are controlled at the hardware and device driver level, and also by services provided by these devices such as "WTP, USB Storage, etc" so the Operating System does not have an effect on the ability to manage the device.


    The following Devices are built into the User Interface in order to easily select the platform.  More devices are supported by creating exceptions based on Instance Path or Hardware ID.  These values can be found in the Device Manager properties for each device.




    Note: Android devices are not currently in this list, this will be added in a future component patch or product release.


    Smartphones such as Android are supported through the following method:


    How to block access to smartphones using Device Control


    The following articles give further information on how to use these features:


    How to use Device Control Manager to manage what devices types are blocked.


    Issue: Mouse and keyboard blocked by Ivanti EPS Device Control