How can I choose the window displayed when I create a template in Template Designer?

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    16 December 2014



    When you want to create a new template using Template Designer, you may want to choose the window which is displayed on the screen. Although the values that you specify in the template are populated at the object level and are not related to a specific window, you may find more convenient to choose a particular window to create your template.



    The system always displays the window defined as default when you create a template (e.g. if you want to create an incident template, it will display the default incident window). To visualise another window when you create your template, you can either temporarily change the default window or create a view selection rule that you can remove once the template design work is completed. See this link for more information about view selection rules.


    If you use a view selection rule, make sure that you do not specify any Lifecycle in the Form Selection Rules screen, otherwise the rule will not be applied in Template Designer.


    Example: the screen shots below show an example of view called "SA Template Designer" that is displayed for the SA user only and that uses the "Simple Incident" window for the Incident business object.



    The Simple Incident window is then displayed instead of the default Incident window in Template Designer: