What's new in Provisioning in LDMS 9.6 Service Pack 1

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    Endpoint Manager 9.6

    This document covers the updates and changes to LANDESK OS Provisioning in LANDESK Management Suite 9.6 Service Pack 1


    New!  Introducing a new "Provisioning Package" Software Distribution package type


    A new Software Distribution package type "Provisioning Package" has been introduced.  This allows Provisioning Packages to show up in the Software Distribution Portal.  A user can now select a Provisioning template and run it from the client side.


    Distribution Packages - New Provisioning Package.jpg  ProvisioningPackageProperties.jpg  Distribution Packages.jpg


    New!  Now you can utilize LANDESK downloading technologies for downloading the Windows PE boot images


    Now the Boot.wim file that contains the Windows PE image does not have to come directly from the Core.  A peer or preferred server can now be utilized.


    The boot images are over 200 megs so it can be important to store the boot images on the local subnet or in a more optimal location for the client than the Core may provide.


    New "Attempt Peer, "Attempt Preferred Server", and "Allow Source" radio buttons have been added to the "Boot to Managed WinPE (Virtual Boot)" selection for the "Reboot/Shutdown" Provisioning Action.  Note: Downloading of the boot.wim from Preferred Server or Peer at this time only applies to Vboot (Virtual Boot).  It does not apply to PXE boot.

    Vboot options.jpg

    New!  Provisioning for MAC Devices


    LANDESK Management Suite 9.6 Service Pack 1 now introduces OS Provisioning for MAC Devices.  This has been a popular requested feature from our customer that we are pleased to deliver.


    Please see the following document for details:





    New!   Provisioning History cleanup


    • Adds the ability to automatically clean up Provisioning History based on a span of days in the past.
    • This is not checked by default.  Provisioning history will be kept indefinitely unless this box is checked and a number of days configured.
    • Runs during the regularly scheduled Database Maintenance task.
    • However, if the history is tied to an existing task, the information will not be deleted.


    How to get to this option:


    Select the Gear icon in the Operating System Provisioning tool Toolbar




    The regularly schedule Core maintenance task by default runs at 11pm and can be changed by doing the following steps:


    On the Core Server:


    1. Select Configure -> Services
    2. Select the Inventory Tab
    3. Change the time to the desired time.


    Various Enhancements


    • Fixed default unattend.xml (editable by MS Tools).   Previously it was missing a default namespace.  OSD.Upgrade.exe will fix existing Unattend.xml when upgrading to Service Pack Pack 1.   (Microsoft System Image Manager is the tool to use to modify unattend files)
    • Fixed Vboot on 32-bit only UEFI devices.
    • Added alphabetical sorting of models in Software Mapping.
    • Fixed Partition Handler for Create Default Partitions
    • Scheduling unlocked templates no longer creates additional locked template (unless change has been made to original template)
    • Allow renaming of locked templates now.