Mac OS X Provisioning Guide

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    LANDESK has created a robust solution for Mac OS X operating system deployment and configuration. Following the model of our powerful Windows OS Provisioning tools, users can Capture and Deploy Mac OS X to Apple Mac devices. Also user are able to configure the OS as desired, deploy software, configure a LANDESK Agent and automate the Mac configuration and deployment process from end to end.



    If you are on 2017.x, make sure you install the Ivanti NBI Stamper from the following location: %LDMS_HOME%\ldmain\Install\Mac\landeskNBIStamper.pkg
    The Stamper included in this document will not work for 2017.x and you should use the updated stamper on the core server.

    NetBoot Image Stamper Utility

    This document is also the home of the LANDESK Mac Stamper Utility used to configure a NetBoot Image for use with LANDESK Provisioning.

    • Updated February 7, 2017. This is the same version as the 2016.3 SU3 patch.
    • In 2016.3 SU1 and later you can also find a copy of the stamper on your core server at %LDMS_HOME%\ldmain\Install\Mac\landeskNBIStamper.pkg.
    • New stamper is now a .PKG that has to be installed rather than the .APP that can just be run. This was necessary to ensure any old traces of previous Stampers is cleaned up before the new one is run.
    • Please verify that you have the latest Service Update installed, and have updated the agent on the OS X client you are using to stamp your NBI.
    • NBI's stamped with this new utility are on 500-600 MB in size, instead of almost 6 GB of the old stamper.
    • Mac Provisioning: Changes in El Capitan to the NetBoot process

    LANDESK 2017

    How To Build an Ivanti NetInstall Image for Mac Provisioning

    LANDESK 2016

    Step-by-Step Process, Including Videos, for OS X Provisioning in LANDESK Management Suite 2016


    LDMS 9.6 SP2

    Please download the attached PDF file for instructions specific to LDMS 9.6 SP2.