Announcing LANDESK 9.6 Service Pack 1

Version 4

    The LANDESK 9.6 Service Pack 1 release is now available for download. This release provides enhanced enterprise-enablement, ease of administration, security, and end-user IT experience.  This systems and security management service pack delivers a host of customer-requested updates along with some significant capabilities that enhance every IT organization’s ability to manage and secure their environments.


    Three key capabilities in LANDESK 9.6 SP1 help organizations manage more diverse environments, extend security across the enterprise, and gain a better view into IT tasks. These capabilities allow you to do the following:

    1. Mac provisioning—Deliver more comprehensive Mac management that allows you to create Mac provisioning templates with minimal steps and provision your Macs through existing infrastructure without needing a Mac server. If you manage multiple platforms like PCs, Macs or Linux, there is no need to look anywhere else than LANDESK with this capability and the many Mac management capabilities delivered in LANDESK 9.6.
    2. Patch and security—Apply patch policies globally across autonomous divisions. Improve organization’s ability to be FIPS-enabled with increased levels of encryption on the Core Server OS.
    3. Software and patch distribution visibility—Make it easier to see each stage of your distribution and its performance along with package relationships for tasks, dependencies and bundles.  You’ll know more about your success and fail rates and see where you need to quickly remedy issues.


    There are many other enhancements to capabilities like PC provisioning, inventory, agent health and Linux support. The release of LANDESK 9.6 SP1 will provide the foundation for LANDESK to deliver multiple role-based IT workspaces to our systems and security customers in 2015 and beyond.


    For more details about LANDESK 9.6 SP1, please refer to the LANDESK Community LANDESK Management Suite / Security Suite 9.6 Service Pack 1



    Some of the improved features and enhancements include:


    Mac provisioning for comprehensive Mac management
    • Create Mac provisioning templates with minimal steps
    • Provisioning Macs without a Mac server on the network
    • Leverage existing PXE representative and HTTP preferred servers

    Patch and Security enhancements
    • Scan by scope to apply patch policies globally across autonomous divisions
    • Support FIPS security enablement on Core Server

    Software Distribution Visibility to a better view into distribution performance
    • Multiple dashboard views into software distribution status
    • Package relationship for tasks, dependencies and bundles
    • View deployment states with status bar across four stages of distribution


    More Information

    Various documents are now available an many have been updated on the LANDESK Community with more information about LDMS 9.6 SP1. They can be found here: LANDESK Management Suite / Security Suite 9.6 SP1 Release Information