About PolicySync.exe Switches

Version 5

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.6

    No switchSync policies with core and run runnow policies (required policies).
    /taskid=<taskid>Get the policy based on task id and run the policy if is runnow policy.
    /enforcecheck RunNow and Removed queues to run/remove the policies including running reoccurring policy.
    /waitwork with /taskid, such as /taskid=<taskid> /wait. Get the policy based on taskid and wait until all policies in RunNow queue  finished.

    return the number of policies in the RunNow queue waiting to be executed.

    /check=waitBlock and return only when RunNow queue is empty.
    /getlogfile=<filename>return specified log file as standard output.
    /getlogsGet and zip all client logs and output the zip content as standard output.
    getlog=<type> [/taskid=<taskid>where type is currentdownloads, inventory, localscheduler, policysync, sdclient, servicehost and proxyhost. For sdclient, <taskid> has to be specified.