Can't Configure My Packages in Avalanche 6.1 / How to Configure Chrome to Open JNLP Files to run Configure utility / Flash Plugin issues / Cannot Configure

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    Avalanche 6.1


    In Google Chrome browser, you may notice the message "This type of file can harm your computer. Do you want to keep xxx.jnlp anyway?" Even if you click on keep, you still need to manually click on the downloaded jnlp file to run the Configure utility. How to make the jnlp file automatically downloaded and run?



    • Can't configure package
    • Flash Plug-in Error
    • Can't open the jnlp file



    1. Please make sure you have installed the java plug-in for Google Chrome

    2. When you see this message, please right click on the down arrow and select "Always open files of this type"

    3. Restart Chrome


    However, many times this above has not worked, so I've also used this solution as well. Installing the JVM and selecting the Java Runtime Machine to open .jnlp files.


    1. Navigate to Java Downloads for All Operating Systems
    2. Download the  Windows Offline (64-bit) or whichever is suited for your machine
    3. Install it on your machine
    4. Restart your browser
    5. If it asks what you'd like to use when you run .jnlp file, then you need to select the Javaws.exe (as of 6.1 SP2)