Patch Update:Daylight savings is not calculated correctly in 7.2.5 environments

Version 2

    Dear Valued Customers,



    Over the last 24 hours we have identified an issue with the way in which the ITBM suite calculates daylight savings. The issue affects ITBM 7.2.5 only. The root cause relates to how ITBM works out your local time zone from reading information stored within your windows registry.


    We have issued a patch that corrects this issue and can be downloaded from:



    Please, review the readme file stored within the patch zip file for instructions on how to apply in your environment. If you need any further advice or assistance please contact your local Technical Support Department.





    Please note: It is recommended that this patch is applied at the very earliest opportunity.



    Thanks very much for your co-operation in this matter.





    LANDesk Technical Support




    Please note!

    This patch is valid both if your system shows an hour behind and an hour ahead.