Never written a formula before but want to set up a Calculation in Service Desk?

Version 2

    What is a calculation


    The concept of a calculation in Service Desk is a formula (aka code/script) written to programmatically set a value for something.  Calculations always return a single value.

    Our Tutorial on Calculations shows you how to set up your first calculation (aka. "Hello World") along with some Background informations on Boo.

    See Calculation Writing Tutorial - 1. What is a calculation? What is Boo? for more.

    Beginner's Guide to Python


    As Boo uses most of the Python syntax and style a good start is to get you feet wet with Python and Object Orientated Programming (OOP).

    Python is been designed for easy reading and understanding the code, but still there is some basics you simply need to learn.


    Python is a free language and therefore a wide variety of Beginner's Guide exists. Choose one of the following list - provided by the Python Project - which suits your current level and learning style.


    Boo language features versus .NET classes


    Boo in Service Desk uses Python syntax to access the features of the .NET framework.

    See Calculation Writing Tutorial - 5.  Boo language features versus .NET classes on how to get you hand on the .NET features for your calculation.




    In the community we compiled our Tutorials on how to great Ivanti Service Desk and Asset Manager Calculations in Service Desk. Feel free to explore.