LetMobile 2.6.5 Release Notes

Version 2

    Key Fixes and Feature Enhancements

    • Added support for Touch ID authentication for iOS devices that support Touch ID
    • Provide a workaround for the misplacement of the cursor in email reply in iOS 8.
    • Improved document rendering
    • Added support for one license for multiples domains for on-premise installation
    • Added the ability to sign the iOS profile that is installed during iOS enrollment
    • Improved protection against untrusted certificates.


    Known Issues

    • Users may have problem auto enrolling iOS devices when the device locale is DEU or ESP. The problem was also detected in 2.6 so the new version does not break the current cloud deployment.
    • There is a problem with the “enable/disable” airplane mode button in iOS and Android – the button does not reflect the state of the airplane mode (I.e. It always says “disable airplane…”)


    Complete set of Release Notes


    Fixed, iOS - If auto-enroll an existing device , device list on My Devices page only show one device

    Fixed, Attachments cannot be viewed when LM app's Airplane Mode setting is on (not device setting)

    Fixed, Geo-Based Timeout doesn't work

    Fixed, Audit Reports - Attachment Log - search by date doesn't work and crashes with error 500, the first column title is wrong

    Fixed, Reports, there isn't subject and mail content for alert mail

    Workaround new feature, iOS 8 - Replying to email places the cursor further down in the email under the signature

    On iOS app - auto-correct programmatically turned off for auto-enrollment dialogs

    Android app, auto-enrollment - domain (optional) screen doesn't allow Next when user types in field then removes entry

    Fixed, User Portal - Garbage on Date in Android > Force Resync

    Fixed, & in AD password is not accepted by LetMobile application

    Fixed, Cannot access help from LM app

    Fixed, iOS, improved copy/paste prevention

    Fixed, Android - tasks are not downloaded to the device and in Hybrid policy - Tasks don't sync

    Fixed, JPN - WP8 - LetMobile APP crashes when opening directly or trying to open mail attachment

    Fixed, IOS: Client crashes when trying to change the LetMobile password

    Fixed, Android, when forward attachments from Gmail 5 attachments comes as lma files on android 5

    Fixed, Push mail is not working properly in HTC+Hybrid mode: return immediately.

    Fixed, reports - Attachments Log Feature Under Audit Reports Doesn't Work

    Fixed, Android - Attachment view shows "GUID" when attachment cannot be opened

    Fixed, The schedule on calendar can't be displayed when the Email access is disabled and calendar access is enabled

    Fixed, admin console, "Users with devices" link actually show the users without devices

    Fixed, Admin - forgot password - wrong messages are displayed

    Fixed, Android - change corporate password don't send push notification

    Fixed, Policy - Allowed Device Type can't block user do auto-enroll

    Fixed, Hybird Mode policy doesn't apply on device if do auto-enroll by LM app

    Fixed, The policy can't be assigned to the user via auto enrollment when user selects "disable email" policy

    Fixed, The policy can't be assigned to user via auto enrollment when user select "Offline mode"

    Fixed, The policy can't be assigned to the user via auto enrollment when user select "Filter email - online mode"

    Fixed, Calibration doesn't work when user changes properties in advance settings

    Fixed, DEU & ESP - iOS - Auto-enrollment causes iOS app to crash

    Fixed, tasks and notes work

    Added certificate validation (in addition to the ones already in the product). A new report was added to reflect all non-valid certificates accessed by users.

    Added the ability to block using of non-trusted certificate in iOS

    Added the ability to sign ios profiles (Exchange installation profile)

    Added fingerprint for iOS app

    Added audit attachments and emails quota information

    Added LG G3 - create new tab in device type (Web enrolment)

    Added, attachments storage space reduction - zip attachments

    Added, multi-domain license support (on license for multiple domain in on-prem)