RC: Attempting to connect to device .... Device Attached / All devices are unexpectedly no longer accessible via Remote Control showing status "Device Attached"

Version 5


    Wavelink Remote Control 4.1.4

    Avalanche 5.3.1 and newer


    "Attempting to connect to device .... Device Attached"    (in Java and Web console too)



    In the RemoteControlServer.log file the following lines were found:


    "ERROR root - ---SQLException Caught---
    SQLState: XJ001
    Severity: 0
    Message: Java exception: 'Java heap space: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError'.
    java.sql.SQLException: Java exception: 'Java heap space: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError'."



    Restart the Remote Control Server service




    If you are seeing this issue, you most likely using the "pre-connect to server" parameter in remote control on many devices. If this issue only occurs once or twice every 3 months, then the best option would be to set up a scheduled task on your server to restart the RemoteControl Server service every 3-4 weeks. If it occurs more than once a week, then you might explore the possibility of setting up a second Remote Control server. However, always remember to take system backups before making any permanent structural changes to your system.