CETerm: License Registration fails - Invalid User ID / corrupt key message

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    CETerm 5.7


    "Invalid User ID or registration Key"



    The license registration key is dependent on the UserID (typically the company name of the end customer) and the LicenseID (serial number, MAC address or the device preset ID). This message is received if the combination of the UserID, LicenseID and registration key do not validate successfully. To correct the issue, please check the following:


    • Your registration keys should be for correct version of the software installed on your terminal. For example, make sure if you have registration keys for version 5.1, then version 5.1 is installed on your device. Version 5.1 keys will not work if version 5.5 or version 5.7 is installed.

    • If you are using automated license registration, make sure that the product you have installed is the one listed in the license.xml file. For example, if you have purchased CEVT220 version 5.5 (or 5.7) for your terminal and this product is listed in your license.xml, it will fail to register CETerm, version 5.5 (or 5.7). In this case, you can edit the license.xml file to match the product name to one that is installed.

    • Both the user ID and registration key are case sensitive. Enter these exactly as they were provided to you.

    • There are no O's (alphabet O) in the registration key, just zeros (0) in the registration key. This is important to note if you are entering the key manually.

    • Try automated licensing using the license.xml file. This eliminates any manual data entry and extracts the correct UserID and Key for the corresponding device LicenseID from the file.