CE Term License Registration Failed / List of possible registration failure error codes and what they mean

Version 2

    Here is a list of some of the error codes possible that you may receive if your license registration fails.




    Invalid URL specified to the license.xml file. Correct the URL setting under [Session] [Configure] [Options] [Advanced] [Manage][Server URL]. This should be ab absolute path to the license.xml file


    License not found in XML document, check your XML. Make sure that the license ID of the device for which you are registering our software exists in the license.xml file. You can open the license.xml file in any text editor or web browser.


    XML document not found, check your URL and server. Make sure the server URL setting under the Manage tab has an absolute path to the license.xml file.


    The path to the license.xml file was not found. Please check and verify the server URL configuration setting in CETerm.


    XML or SAX Parser not found on device. Your device is missing an XML parser. You will need to bring this to the attention of your terminal manufacturer to ensure that the complete Windows CE / Windows Mobile OS components are available on your terminal.


    General failure, cause unknown. Verify the following:

    • The product name listed in the license.xml file is the same as the product installed
    • Verify that the registration keys provided are for the version of software installed
    • Verify the license ID of your terminal. Make sure it is included in the license.xml file
    • Make sure the path to your license.xml file is correct

    If your error code is not listed and you are still unable to resolve the issue, please contact Wavelink support.