Automated license registration fails

Version 1

    If you are unsuccessful in using the license.xml file to register your license, we recommend that you please check the following:


    • Open the license.xml file in any Browser. If it does not open correctly and you cannot see the various tags <license> <id> <user> <key>... then your license.xml file may be corrupt.


    • Make sure that the version of our product installed on your device exactly matches the version of the registration keys. As an example, registration keys for version 5.5 will not work with say CETerm version 5.1.


    • Make sure that the LicenseID of your terminal exists in the license.xml file. You can check this by opening the license.xml file and looking for the LicenseID of your terminal inside one of the <id> tags.


    • Make sure that the correct license.xml file is being referenced by the configured setting under Options -> Advanced -> Manage -> Server URL. If this file is local to the terminal (say \IPSM folder), then the setting should be file:///IPSM/license.xml (Notice three forward slashes). If the file resides on a web server, then the setting should be You can reference the file using standard URL nomenclature.


    • It may be possible that you purchased one product (say CETerm), but installed another product (say one of our single emulation products CEVT220, CE5250 or CE3270). In such a case, the license.xml file will reference CETerm and the authentication will fail due to the fact that CETerm product is not installed. In such a case, you can either simply install the product referenced in the license.xml file or you can edit the license.xml file and match the <productname> tag with the name of our product you have installed on your device.


    If you still have no success, capture the error code to diagnose further. You can also contact Wavelink support