How do I find my device LicenseID?

Version 1

    Our software license registration process requires you to submit the LicenseID of your device. Every LicenseID is unique for each device and can be any of the following:


    • the serial number of the device. The exact format varies for each manufacturer
    • the Wireless LAN MAC address of the device (e.g. 00:0B:32:CF:45:99)
    • the "preset ID" which is a unique number burnt in by the manufacturer


    To find out the LicenseID, follow these steps below.

    1. Run CETerm or one of our single emulation products
    2. Select Session -> Connect. If you are running in the evaluation mode, you will be prompted with an Evaluation dialog. Tap the "Register" button for the registration dialog. If you are upgrading from an older version, you will get a licensing error message. Tap the "Register" button for the registration dialog.
    3. The registration dialog shows the LicenseID for your device. This is circled in red below. You will need to provide this LicenseID to Naurtech to receive a Registration Key for your software license for this device.

    If your LicenseID appears as blank or all zeros, then the LicenseID could not be determined. You can then license the terminal based on the WLAN MAC address. You should provide this to Naurtech to receive registration keys. If the MAC address appears as 00:00:00:00:00:00, then you either do not have a wireless LAN card in your device or your WLAN card in not connected to your network. Please make sure that your device is on the RF network. You will then be able to see the correct MAC address as your LicenseID.

    NOTE Special Case: If you have installed and are running CETerm for XP on a Win32 terminal, then the CETerm licenseID is *always* the MAC address.