My terminal for which I purchased a license has failed. How can I transfer the license to a replacement terminal?

Version 3

    Hardware can sometimes fail. If you had purchased a CETerm license for one of your terminals and it is now broken, we can transfer the license to a replacement or repaired terminal. To request a license transfer, please fill out the following web form on our website:


     LANDESK Licensing Portal


    The transferred license key issued for the repaired terminal will be the *same* version as the original purchased license. You cannot "transfer" a license and receive a key for a newer version.

    If your replacement terminal or the OS platform version running on it is newer (and only supported by a later version of our product), then the license cannot be transferred to it. You will need to purchase a version upgrade. For example, if you originally purchased CETerm version 5.1 and now are replacing your failed terminal which is only supported by CETerm version 5.7, you cannot transfer the version 5.1 license to version 5.7. You will be required to purchase a version upgrade.

    Note the following:

    • Only purchased licenses can be transferred
    • You cannot transfer a license from the same terminal more than once
    • If a failed terminal is repaired, you need to purchase a license for it as you have already transferred its license to another terminal.
    • Once you have transferred a license from a terminal, the same terminal (licenseID) cannot be used again for a subsequent license transfers