Automated capability to merge two license.xml files into one license_merge.xml file.

Version 2

    When you place an order, all registration keys for that order are part of the license.xml file generated for that order. All the registration keys in the license.xml file **for a single order** are always cumulative, irrespective of how or when the license IDs were submitted.


    If you ordered our product licenses over multiple orders, you may have multiple license.xml files, one form each order. This hosted web utility is provided by Naurtech to allow you to merge two license.xml files. To run, click on this link:


      Automated License Merge 

    Usage Steps:

    1. In your web browser, navigate to the above link

    2. Click the Browse button to select the Primary license.xml file.

    3. Click the Browse button to select the Appended license.xml file. This file will be appended to the end of the primary license.xml file

    4. Click the button "Merge License Files" to start the license merge

    5. You will receive a prompt to save the merged license_merge.xml file. You can give this output file any name.


    Please note the following:

    - The automated utility performs and in intended to merge two Naurtech license.xml files.

    - The files being merged are expected to have a Naurtech license.xml file format. The primary file is checked for the product tags, no other format checks.

    - The utility does not check for any duplicate license IDs or does not do any validation of licenses entries in the input or merged files.

    - There are no format checks on the appended file. The product tags of the appended file are always ignored.

    - The primary and appended license.xml files can have any names

    - The upper file size limit for the primary and appended license.xml files is about 500K each. This roughly translates to about 4000 licenses in each file.

    - The output file will only overwrite an existing file if that is what the user selects for the output file name

    - The primary and appended license.xml files can be in any folders. The merged file can be saved to any file path location of your preference.