Successfully registered CETerm sometimes gives corrupt key message

Version 1

    It may be possible that a successfully registered license of our product can sometimes (intermittently) give a message that the product is not registered. When the UserID and Key are entered, a message is displayed "Invalid UserID or Registration Key". This can typically happen with devices registered using MAC addresses as their LicenseID.


    You need an active network connection (valid MAC address for LAN or Wireless LAN) to use our product. For WLAN connections, if your device is not associated with an Access Point, its MAC address may be zero (00:00:00:00:00:00). When it is associated with an Access Point i.e. you have a WLAN connection, the device will have a valid MAC address and the license registration will validate successfully.


    Sometimes, you can also get a "product not registered" message. This most likely will be because the WLAN connection is lost. The stored registration key no longer authenticates correctly with a zero MAC address (zeros) of the device. Since the registration key is based on a valid MAC address, entering this correct key will fail validation as well.


    To correct the problem, make sure that your device is on the network and has a valid MAC address which matches the one submitted to Naurtech for receiving registration keys.


    Whenever possible, we recommend using the serial number as the device LicenseID to generate registration keys.