Steps to download device tailored version of CETerm for your terminal

Version 1

    If you look at all the rugged terminal available on the market, you will notice that these come with varying screen sizes and resolutions, have different types of peripherals and keypad configurations. The form factors can vary from a terminal as small as a cell phone to something that looks like a Kiosk or Windows based terminal. Due to such a significant variation, we offer device tailored versions of our Emulators and Web Browser so that users can effectively leverages the ergonomics of the terminal in their usability solutions.


    All device tailored versions of our product are classified by:


    • Manufacture
    • Model
    • OS platform version


    To download the right version of our product for your device, go to the downloads section of our website and simply select the manufacturer, device model and OS platform version that match your device. Follow the steps and the download wizard will take you to the correct download binary.


    If you do not find a device tailored version of CETerm for your terminal, you can download and install te generic / non-scanner version of CETerm for the OS platform version running on your device.


    NOTE: Our CETerm product is available for all supported device tailored versions. Single emulation products are offered only for a limited set of manufacturer / model combinations.