General guidelines to install CETerm via ActiveSync or using Windows Mobile Device Center

Version 1

    CETerm and all single emulation products are packaged as a Zip file. These instructions reference CETerm but are applicable to the single emulation products as well. Once downloaded, please follow these instructions to install the application to your mobile computer over ActiveSync.


    After unzipping the downloaded file on your desktop, you should have the following files in your local directory

    <optional device specific notes file> 


    where xxxx is the product name, platform descriptor and any additional qualifier for the target Windows CE mobile computer.


    1. On your desktop, you must have Microsoft ActiveSync or the Windows Mobile Device Center installed. You can get a free copy from Microsoft.
    2. Make sure your mobile comuter is connected to your desktop via a USB cable.
    3. Establish an Activesync connection between your mobile computer and your desktop. Generally, this happens automatically as soon as you plug in the USB cable.
    4. Run Setup.exe on your desktop.


    1. You will need to acknowledge the EULA to proceed. Click the Install>> button. This will launch the application manager to install our application.
    2. If you have not installed CETerm before, the Windows CE application manager will prompt you to install Naurtech CETerm in the default directory. Select Yes.
    3. If you have installed CETerm previously, the application manager will indicate so. Select Yes to re-install / upgrade this latest version.
    4. Once installed, you will see "Naurtech CETerm" in your Start menu. For Windows CE OS platform devices, you will also see a shortcut on the desktop.