CAB install. Install CETerm bypassing the setup application

Version 1

    If for some reason you are not able to run the setup application to install CETerm, you can install the application by copying the CETerm CAB file onto your mobile computer and running it there.


    1. Connect the mobile computer to your desktop via ActiveSync over a USB cable or over a network.
    2. On the desktop, run the File Explorer and navigate to your mobile computer file root.
    3. Navigate to a folder on your device where you want to copy the CAB file. We recommend copying this file to a flash storage / SDMMC folder on your device.
    4. Drag and drop the CETerm CAB file from the desktop folder (where the zip file was extracted) to the appropriate folder on your mobile computer. Do not use any file conversion.
    5. On the device, run File Explorer. Navigate to folder where you copied the CETerm CAB file. Double tap. This will launch the application manager on the device and install the application.