Install a new or missing font

Version 2

    Certain Windows CE, Windows Mobile or Windows Embedded mobile computers may not come pre-installed with a fixed pitch font such as "Courier New". If you have such a device, you will need to install a fixed pitch font for use by CETerm terminal emulators . You may also install a new font to improve readability.


    CETerm requires a fixed pitch pitch font, such as "Courier New" to be available on the device. For international languages, such as Chinese, Thai or Greek, special fonts which support the language glyphs must be made available on the device, This is in addition to the language specific code pages that must also be installed for international languages. Although our TE and Browser support the display of these language characters, they do not include the fonts as part of the product. These must be made available by the device manufacturer or any third party. For IBM emulations, you can download and install language code pages.


    If you are missing a font form a device, you will not be able to see the terminal display. For basic English language terminal display, you will need to install a "Courier New" font on the device. Follow these steps to do so.


    1. Download the courier new font attached to this doc.
      • If you are trying to improve screen readability, we recommend the Andale Mono font. You can download it from the Attached fonts from this doc
    2. Unzip the file in a temporary directory on your desktop. It will extract a single .ttf file
    3. Connect the device to your desktop via ActiveSync, over ethernet LAN or wireless LAN connection
    4. If using ActiveSync, open the mobile explorer. Navigate to the Windows\fonts directory on the device.
    5. Copy the downloaded file cour.ttf to the Windows\fonts directory on the device. If using ActiveSync, you can just drag the file from your desktop file explorer and drop it on the Windows\fonts directory window of the mobile explorer.


    Once on the device, the font will automatically appear in the CETerm configuration