Cannot connect on session with a DNS host address

Version 1

    When configuring a session connection, entering a DNS name in the "Host Address" field seems to not work. When using a DNS name (e.g., the connection fails. However entering an IP address (e.g in the Host Address field leads to a successful connection.


    Most likely, this is because the DNS server IP addresses on your mobile computer is not configured or is incorrect. Hence your DNS names are not resolving to the correct IP addresses during a connection attempt.


    You will need the DNS server IP addresses. You can obtain these from your network administrator. You can also (sometimes) use the same DNS server IP addresses as on your desktop.


    DNS sever configuration is part of your network connection setup. Here are general guidelines. Exact steps may vary slightly for your device / OS platform version.


    1. From the "Start" menu, select "Settings" "Control Panel". The Control Panel folder will open up.
    2. Run the "Network" control panel applet
    3. On the "Adapters" tab, identify your LAN / WLAN adapter. Select it.
    4. Tap, the "Properties" button on the dialog
    5. Select the "Name Servers" tab
    6. Add the primary and secondary DNS servers.
    7. Tap OK to save the updated configuration.
    8. You will need to do a soft boot to the device to load the updated configuration settings.