How do I automatically "Enter" scanned data?

Version 1

    You want to append and "Enter" operation to the scanned data so that it is automaticaly submitted. You can easily control this in device tailored versions of our Emulators and Browser as our application is directly interfacing with the barcode scan engine and controls the decoded scan data.


    Scanner settings in CETerm are specific to each session. The postamble configuration setting varies with the type of session. To append an "Enter" action to the scanned data, configure the setting Session -> Configure -> Scanner -> Postamble to:


    • \r for emulation sessions
    • \IDA_DOM_SUBMIT for browser sessions


    NOTE: If you are using a generic / non-scanner version of CETerm along with a barcode wedge application (possibly provided by the device manufacturer), then you will need to configure the postamble in that application. You will need to consult the barcode wedge application vendor for details.