Setting a postamble and list of popular postambles

Version 1

    A postamble is any operation that is automatically appended to every successfully scanned barcode. You can configure the postamble under Session -> Configure -> Scanner -> Postamble. Note that this setting is only available in device tailored versions of our product where we control the barcode scanner.

    The table below lists popular postamble and their action descriptions:


    Postamble Action description. What it does.
    \rAppends an "Enter" operation to scanned data. Submits data for emulation sessions
    \tAppends a "Tab" operation to scanned data. The cursor input focus will skip to the next input field
    \xYYAppends the value of the HEX digit xYY where YY is the hexadecimal digit between 00 and FF
    \IDA_DOM_SUBMITAppends a "Form Submit" operation to data scanned in Browser sessions
    \IDA_FIELD_EXITAppends a "Field Exit" for 5250 emulation sessions
    \IDA_ERASE_INPUTClears the input field on IBM emulation sessions. Generally used as a pre amble -to clear field before scanning in new data
    \IDA_ERASE_EOFErases data in the input field starting from the current cursor location up to the end of the field. This is applicable to IBM emulation sessions only.
    \IDA_HOMEAppends a "Home" operation which is equivalent to pressing the HOME key
    \IDA_RIGHTAppends a "Right Arrow" key operation
    \IDA_DOWNAppends a "Down Arrow" key operation