How can I optimize my barcode scanning performance?

Version 1

    All device tailored versions of our Emulators and Web Browser directly interface with the scan engine of the hardware terminal. The actual decoding of the barcode into data is performed by the scan engine and this performance can vary with "type" of scanner (laser, imager etc) and the device the manufacturer. Our application has no control over this portion of the overall performance.


    By default our product enables support for all barcode symbologies which are supported by the scan engine. You however may only have the need to enable one of two barcode symbologies in your environment as you may not have the barcode labels for the other symbologies. To optimize performance, you can disable all barcode symbologies which are not used. As an example, if you only scan Code 39 barcodes in your solution, disable all other symbologies.


    You can disable a symbology by unchecking the checkbox Session -> Configure -> Symbology -> Enable. Make sure that you highlight each unused symbology and disable it.


    NOTE: The symbology settings should be optimized for all session for which the scanner is enabled within our product.