How To: Filter assignment groups by the group of the current user (How To Set up assignment circles)

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    Tested within 7.7.x and 7.8


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    09/02/2015        initial release



    This document will show how the Groups listed in the Assignment Window can be filtered based on the Group of the logged in User. The idea behind this is to limit show only the relevant for the current role.

    This document will therefore use the concept of a circle. A circle describes one or more groups with a specific function within the company/process.

    A possible scenario for such circles would different support tiers like 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support. Thereby the 1st Level Support only can assign IPCs only to another 1st level or escalate to a second level. This way an IPC can be handover between the tiers.

    To demonstrate the flexibility of the Assignment Circles, we add a manager Group to the Assignment Circle of 2nd Level. The Manager Group itself is not part of any circle.

    The circles used in this document would look like the following (for 1st and 2nd level support):




    How to:

    To ease the administration we create a reference list which acts as a link between support group and filter which allows us to move support groups from one circle to another without the need to change the filter. The reference list will be linked to System.Group object and the Support Group window will get the Reference List control added to it.

    For the circle itself we create a filter on “Process Assignment” to define the groups allowed by a certain group. Here we use the reference list to select the Support Groups available through the filter.

    During adding the filter to the Process.Assignment.Group Attribute we define a condition that the filters only apply for users of a certain circle (defined by the reference list).


    Step by Step:

    Create the Reference List

    Create the new Reference List Object

    To create the Reference we open the Object Designer and right click on the System Module to start the Object Creation Wizard.


    1.      Create a new reference list of the name “Assignment Circle” of type Look-up and Look-uptype Reference.


    2.      We will need only Name and Details, so all other Attributes can be de-selected.


    3.      We give the admin role all privileges on the new Object. Note: if you have a role other than administrator who is in charge of maintaining your groups, this role also needs their appropriate privileges on the new Object.



    4.      Click next until you reach the final page and save the Object.


    Create the window for the Reference List

    To create the window for the Reference List right click on the new Reference List and select the New Window Wizard.


    1.      Create a Grid layout Window with only Assignment Circle, Deleted, Details.


    2.      Click next until you reach the last page of the Wizard and save the window.


    Link the reference List with the Group Object

    To create a link between the Reference List and the group Object, select the Reference List in the Object Designer and Drag & Drop the Reference List onto the Group Object within the System Module.

    Answer No to the question to create a Collection.


    Add entries/circles to the Reference List

    Now we need to add some circles to the Reference List. In this document we will use 1st Level and 2nd level, but this are only names and can be anything which is meaningful for your environment.

    To add a circle to the reference List open Administration and select the Reference Lists. Expand the System Module and right click on Assignment Circle to add a new Assignment Circle.



    1.      Add the name 1st Level and some Details of the circle and save the new circle.

    2.      Repeat for 2nd Level and so forth.


    Assigning Support Groups to the Circles

    Changes to the Support Group Window

    To add the Reference List control to the window open the Window Manager and select the default window of Support Group within the System Module to be modified.



    1.      Drag the Assignment Circle Reference List control onto the window and save the window.


    Assign Groups to circles

    To assign a Support Group to a circle open Administration and go to User Management. Right click on the Group you wish to add to circle and choose Modify Support Group.



    1.      Select the circle you wish the Support Group be added to and save the changes.

    2.      Repeat for all other groups you wish to add to a circle.


    Create the Filter on the Process Assignment Object

    To limit the list of Support Groups shown during the Assignment we need to a filter to the Process Assignment Object on the Group Attribute. This Filter will define which groups are visible for each circle. The Groups shown by the filter do not need to member of a circle – as we will demonstrate with 2nd Level circle and the Manager Group.


    Creating and Adding the Filter

    To create and add the filter, open the Object Designer and within the Process Management Module double click on the Process Assignment Object to modify the Object.


    1.      Select the Group Attribute and open the filters assigned to this attribute by clicking on the ellipses on the Filter Selectors Properties.


    2.      In the new window for the Attribute Filter Selectors create a new Filter Rule by clicking on New Filter Rule.


    3.      In the new Window ensure that the new Filter does apply any client type. Then select [new] from the drop down list.


    4.      Give the new Filter a Title and Description.

    5.      Ensure that the filter is been created for everyone, then click OK.


    6.      Add the title attribute to the Filter by selecting the attribute from the list and double clicking on it.

    7.      Select Criteria from Filter and add Assignment Circle to the Criteria by double clicking on the Assignment Circle attribute. Select the Circle you wish to show from the drop down list and press OK.


    8.      For every subsequent Circle you wish add ensure to set the Relationship to OR.


    9.      After adding all the circles needed press Finish to save the Filter.


    10.  Click OK on the Attribute Filter Selector Window to add the Filter to the Selection.


    11.  Repeat Step 3 to 8 for the Assignment Filter 2nd Level.

    12.  To add an additional Group which is not part of any circle (or should be added apart of its circle) add this group by adding a criteria based on the name of this group. As shown for the Manager group below.


    Note: You can modify the filter at any time later via the Query and Filter Designer. The Filters are listed in the System Filter Section.


    Adding a Filter Rule Condition

    To ensure that the filter only apply to their respective circle we need to add a condition to each filter based on the Circle of the user logged into the system.

    1.      Select a Filter created in the previous part

    2.      click on New Condition

    3.      Select Create Group/Assignment Circle/Assignment Circle

    Note: During runtime the Create Group represents the group of the current user

    4.      Specify the name of the Circle

    5.      Apply the condition


    6.      Repeat steps 1 to 5 for all other Circle Filter Rules.

    7.      Ensure that any other Filter Rules are sorted below the Assignment Circle Filter Rules to ensure that these Filters apply.

    8.      Press OK to save the Attribute Filter Selectors

    9.      Save the changes to the Process Assignment Object