Troubleshooting Tidbits for the 4.3 Cloud Service Appliance

Version 5

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    This document contains some basic steps we take to troubleshoot the CSA. Most of these can apply to 4.2 and 4.3, however some are 4.3 specific. I will not note which is which as the 4.3 is more common and the recommended version for production. This does apply to Virtual and Physical CSA.


    Not all steps may apply to your current issue. For example, if you are working on an issue getting the CSA initially setup, the "Broker Test" wouldn't apply.


    Note: If after using this document you still need to open a case, please submit as much of information listed as possible as it will help with a quicker resolution





    • Have you validated Quick Gateway (Cloud Service Appliance) Configuration
    • What version of LDMS?
    • Is it patched? What is the version?
      • About > LANDESK Cloud Service Appliance Version
    • What is the output of the "test" button in brokerconfig?
    • What does IIS log report when clicking "Send" in brokerconfig?
    • Is the LANDESK Management Gateway Service running on the core? did you reset it?
    • Did you do an IISReset?
    • Does the ManagementSuite\brokerreq folder contain any files? It should not. If so iisreset and restart LANDESK Management Gateway Service
    • When you go to http://CSA and you hover over the links on the page, does it show the Hostname (internal or external), FQDN (internal or external), IP internal, external, or NAT)
    • Can you ping what you are trying to get to?
    • Remove the self signed certificates and reboot?
      • Click LDMG Certificates, click "remove" next to each. This only applies to the Self-Signed, if using a third party cert skip this.
    • What provider did you get the cert from and what type of cert is it?
    • Remove and re-post core cert?
    • Is the time correct? Check via SSH as GUI may or may not be accurate
    • Is the firewall on? if so are any internal ranges blocked?
      • I.E. means if your subnet is running in any range between 10.0.x.x and 10.255.x.x it will be blocked.
    • Is there a broker service connection listed in the Connection Table from the appropriate Core?
      • Reports > LANDESK Cloud Services Appliance connection table then ctrl+f "broker service"
    • Is there a Core Cert posted from associated Core?
    • Make sure there are no orphan entries (I.E. an IP pointing to just a DNS suffix)
    cat /etc/hosts
    # /etc/hosts
    # This file is generated automatically.
    # Any modifications to this file could get overwritten
    # THIS SHOULD CONTAIN ONLY LOOPBACK AND CSA HOSTS       localhost.localdomain localhost     vcsa.testbed.jb vcsa
    # 7 user defined hosts entries
    # THIS SHOULD NEVER CONTAIN CSA INFORMATION     ldcore95sp1.testbed.jb ldcore95sp1     ldcore95sp2.testbed.jb ldcore95sp2



    tail f /var/log/messages | grep FILTER


    • What is the drive use at?
    df -h
    Filesystem                                Size    Used    Avail   Use%   Mounted on
    /dev/mapper/vg_ldcsa-lv_root      42G    3.9G     36G     10%       /
    /tmpfs                                      939M        0    939M       0%      /dev/shm
    /dev/sda1                                 485M    33M    427M      8%      /boot


    • Can you wget?
    cd /tmp
    rm f image002*
    rm f welcome.png


    • What are the processes using the most CPU?
    ps aux | sort kr 3,3 | head n 8