LetMobile 2.6 Release Notes

Version 2

    Release Notes 2.6


    New Features


    • New iOS and Android enrolment wizard. New users can download the LetMobile app from the relevant mobile store, open the app and use the new user friendly enrolment wizard to enroll their device. Note: supports iOS 6+ and Android Samsung Galaxy series with Android version greater than 4.2
    • Android auto-fix. The LetMobile Android app can now automatically fix problems with viewing emails content in Android devices.
    • Multi-Language support. Support for various languages for the LetMobile Web consoles and mobile apps.
    • More details added to attachments and email auditing report
    • LetMobile policies are enforced in bypass mode
    • Option to block forward and reply to email from a pre-defined domain (for example gmail)
    • Associate bulk of users to policies (upload CSV)
    • Added drill down to device info report
    • Added images for WP8 enrollment
    • Added copy to clipboard in device info drill down
    • Updated page sensitive help for user console, admin console and mobile apps. Supports LANDESK help system
    • Added HTTPS redirection to user login page and admin login pages (cannot access those pages over HTTP)
    • New licensing mechanism. License is per domain, valid until a fixed date and support a fixed amount of users



    Bug fixes

    • Fix notes and reminder issues
    • Fix Excel files are shown as blank for Android
    • Fix for Nexus 5 not forwarding emails
    • Email body alignment for iOS8  - email body should be aligned correctly for iOS7 and iOS8
    • Fix for iOS purpose new time show the content of the email
    • Fix attachment pass-through in Touchdown
    • Case sensitive DLP-fix (DLP should be case-insensitive).
    • Fix bug when admin in support role not able to login
    • Excel invalid sheet bug - will print the sheet until the limit and will not display "invalid message"
    • Solved kitkat email is shown as Html (including the HTML tags) when copy-paste is enabled in admin console
    • Solved 4.3 Samsung request an attachment file in bulks
    • Fix win8 plain text is showing with html tags