How to rename Computers Using the LANDESK Provisioning "Device Name Prompter" Action

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    This article demonstrates how to use the "Device Name Prompter" action in a LANDESK Provisioning template.




    The Device Name Prompter action used in a Provisioning Template allows you to give your devices a unique name.

    The "Device Name Prompter" action applies to computers that have been prepared by using the Sysprep utility. 


    This action changes the %ldhostname% variable to what is typed in as illustrated below.


    This action is to be run before an Inject Script action in the Provisioning Template. 


    When the "Device Name Prompter" action runs it will pop up a window prompting the operator to enter the desired computer name.




    1. In the LANDESK Management Suite console, open the Distribution Tool group,
    2. Select the OS Provisioning tool
    3. Expand Provisioning Templates - My templates - All my templates and create a new template that includes the  "Device Name Prompter" action.
      (Note: This action must be ahead of the "Inject Script" action)
    4. Right click on this template, click "Schedule template".
    5. Drag target computer on to the task and then schedule this provisioning template to the client computer.
    6. On the client machine, run X:\LDPROVISION.EXE.
    7. Input the device name in the prompt dialog box:
    8. The provisioning template should at this point run successfully on the client machine.
    9. Check the unattend.xml under C: Drive, type "notepad c:\unattend.xml"

    10. Restart the client machine.
    11. After the sysprep process completes, check the computer name.
      The computer should be the name you specified in the prompt dialog box.



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