CETerm: I have lost my Session Password / Config Access Password. How do I reset it?

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    CETerm 5.7


    CETerm 5.7


    How do I reset session / config access password?

    CETerm maintains an encrypted form of the passwords as part of its configuration settings in the registry. If you had configured a Session password or a Configuration Access password and no longer remember it, you can reset these. You can download this web page utility that will allow you to reset either the configuration access or session passwords.



    ResetPassword.zip Attached


    Follow these steps to load and run the web utility:

    1. Extract the ResetPassword.htm file from the downloaded zip bundle

    2. Copy the ResetPassword.htm file to the root folder on your device

    3. Run CETerm. Select an unused session say Session -> S5. (You can use any available session)

    4. Select Session -> Configure -> Connection (tab)

    4.1 Set Host Type to HTML

    4.2 Set Host Address to "file:///ResetPassword.htm" (without quotes)

    5. Hit OK all the way out

    6. Select Session -> Connect. You should see a web application page

    7. Follow steps on this page to reset your password(s)



    Note>> The session password is session specific. if resetting the session password, this utility will reset it for all sessions.