A thank you for community members: Monthly Amazon.com $50 Gift Card Contest!

Version 11

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    Want a $50 Amazon.com gift card? Answer questions from other users for your chance to win!


    Each month we will award a $50 Amazon.com gift card to the contest winner.

    Below is a summary of the contest rules.


    The contest begins on the first of each month and ends on the last day of the month.  The first contest will begin on April 1st 2015.

    • Ivanti employees are not eligible to win.
    • When you supply an answer to a forum question it is given a time stamp.  Your answer must be chosen as the “Correct Answer” and the time stamp of your answer must fall within the contest range for that month to count. If your answer gets marked after the month ends, unfortunately it will NOT count for the contest so be sure to ask the author to select your answer as the “Correct Answer” with the applicable button if it solved their issue so you get credit.

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    • View All Unanswered Questions Here.
    • The 10 people with the most correct answers to questions asked by other community member's (from organizations other than your own) for the month will be entered into a random drawing to win.  If there are several users with the same number of correct answers they will be entered too, but must have more than one correct answer to qualify.
    • Only technical product questions within the product posting areas count.  Private discussions and posts from other areas of the community are not applicable.
    • You cannot win the contest more than once a quarter.

    Please see the attached for the full terms and conditions of the contest.

    View previous winners here