Creating a Query to search by MAC Address

Version 4

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 2016.x


    Sometime it may be necessary to search your inventory by MAC address to determine if there are any duplicate records in your inventory. Duplicate records can cause the scheduling of tasks to fail. This can effect Software Distribution and Provisioning.



    • From your Core, In Network View
    • Expand your Core
    • Expand Queries
    • Right Click My queries
    • Select New Query...

    2015-03-05 16_21_43-RD Tabs 64.jpg

    • In the Machine Components expand
      • Network
      • TCPIP
      • Bound Adapter

    2015-03-05 16_36_19-RD Tabs 64.jpg 2015-03-05 16_39_00-RD Tabs 64.jpg

    • Select Physical Address
    • Select Qualifier
    • Type the MAC Address you are searching for in the Edit Values field
      • You can also select the MAC Address in the Display Scanned Values list
    • Click Insert

    2015-03-05 16_42_19-RD Tabs 64.jpg

    • Click Save


    Display Options

    • Select Columns to display once the Query is run on the lower portion of the window.
    • Navigate the Machine Components just like you would the Inventory
    • Select items to display by clicking the >> button
    • When the desired column set is configured, click Save