LANDESK Self Organizing Multicast - Diagram with audio

Version 4

    The attached slide or video below explain the process of LANDESK Self-Organizing Multicast as it works in LANDESK Management Suite in version 9.6 and later.



    Slide: Run the presentation in order to hear the explanation of each part of the process.


    Further information:


    The computer acting as the multicast rep will send a request on the multicast channel up to 5 times asking how much of the file the clients need (about 20 ms apart).  Then it will wait up to 200 ms for at least one computer that needs some or all of the file.

    If the client already has the whole file, it does not reply to this message.  If it does not have the whole file, it sends a reply (udp point to point) with how much of the file it has.

    If the multicast rep gets one message that needs part of the file, it will multicast the file out beginning at the point in the file where the client with the least amount of the file needs data.  For example if it hears from a client that has none of the file it will multicast the whole file.  If it hears from one client that has half the file and another client that has 90 percent of the file, it will multicast beginning at half the file.


    Clients that have not heard from the core that they are targets for the multicast job do not reply.