Issue: Scheduled Task Portal Settings Not Saving

Version 2



    Scheduled tasks' selected portal options change when Download Options are modified.


    Example: Setting the portal options to Optional (display in portal), then clicking Task Settings and setting the Download Options to Pre-cache (download for a future task or portal-initiated action) will cause the Portal Options to change to Run automatically (do not display in portal).


    scheduled task recording.gif



    When defining options for the Portal, not all Download Options apply to all Portal Options. In the above example, if a task is made optional and it was set to pre-cache, when the end user executed the task it would download the files, and not run them.


    Pre-cache (download for a future task or portal-initiated action): Copies package files to the local cache and leaves them there. - LDMS Help Files


    Example: Optional portal tasks are designed with the intent that users can run them at will. If users were choosing to install software, and all it did was download the files (i.e. pre-cache) it would cause issues.


    Pre-cache will only work with the Run automatically (do not display in portal) setting.

    • If the Portal Setting is switched to Pre-cache, it will automatically switch the Portal Options to Run Automatically.
    • If the Portal Setting is on Pre-cache, and the Portal Option is set to Recommended or Optional, the settings stay as set while the window is open, but once saved it resets the Portal option to Run Automatically.





    This is a design feature to prevent accidentally setting portal tasks in a way that they never install applications/patches.  To make use of the Optional or Recommended setting, set the Task Setting to Run from source or Download and execute.