Survey reminders not sent when using Close on Creation.

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    We have designed our own Incident Process and now wish to use the out of the box Survey trigger to set the Survey flag on every 10 Incidents raised, this does work as expected; however when we tick "close on creation" these incidents do not send the reminder to invite customers to fill out a
    Survey even though these tickets have the Survey flag set.  Please see below screenshot of where the survey reminder is sent from within the process.







    This happens due the flag not being written to the DB before the incident goes down the process, where it meets the condition that asks if the Survey flag on the Incident is set to True, therefore the flag is not seen and the invite reminder is not sent, as an example please see below screenshot of where this may occur.









    Where the Flag does get on the Incidents, we can utilise a bulk action that targets these Incidents from a query that will send out the correct reminder, the query will have criteria set so it only target those specific incidents.


    We will also setup a second another bulk action to set a flag on a Boolean attribute, the reason for this is that we don't want the first bulk action running again and sending the reminder to the customer again for the same incident, the criteria in the query will filter these out.


    We will need make some configuration changes in the following areas.


    • Object Designer (Add a new Boolean attribute for a second bulk action)
    • Window Manager (Add the new Boolean attribute to the Incident window)
    • Query Designer (Create a query that targets Incidents that have the close on creation and Survey required set to True)
    • Schedule Manager (To create the bulk actions)



    Step 1


    Object Designer

    1. From with Designers, open up Object Designer.

    2. Navigate to Incident Management and double click into the "Incident" Object

    3. In here create a New Attribute from the actions Menu and name this "Survey Sent" next set the following values from within Properties of the attribute.

         a) Data Type = Boolean

         b) Default Value = False

    4.Save changes made.



    Step 2


    Window Manager


    1. From within Designers, go to Window Manager and navigate down to your default Incident Window and open for modification.

    2. From within attributes, locate "Survey Sent" and place this on the Window.

    3. Save.


    Step 3


    Query Designer


    1. From with Designers, open up Query and Report Designer, then from within Actions, select "New Query"

    2. Name the Query "Survey close on creation" and select the Module "Incident Management" and Business Object of "Incident"

    3. For the attributes, select the following.


    Reference Number.

    Raise Date.

    Survey Sent.

    Survey Required.


    Resolve on Creation.


    4. Then click on the Criteria and set the Values to be the same as the screenshot below.


    Survey query.JPG


    5. Save

    Step 3.

    Schedule Manager. (To create two bulk actions)


    Note: The first bulk action we will create below, will send the survey reminder.


    1. From within Administration, select "Schedule Manager"

    2. From within Actions, select "New Scheduled Bulk Action"

    3. Set the values here to be set like the below screenshot.  Note: You may wish to review the Recurrence here.


    schdule action.JPG

    4. Click in the "Window Data" button and place in the details you wish to include in the reminder.

    5. Select "Notify Originator"


    6. Save.


    7. Create another Scheduled action and name this "Set the survey sent flag"

    8. When setting the time for this Schedule to run. ensure this is set to run after the first bulk action schedule (Close on creation surveys), you may wish to leave circa 15 minutes

    9. Use the same settings under Bulk action in the above screenshot but change the Action to [Amend attribute values]

    10. Click on the "Window Data" button, locate the attribute "Survey Sent" and ensure this is ticked.

    11. Save


    Important:  Please do ensure that the Query Report Service is running.


    Lastly please note that each time a bulk action runs, data is written to the Scheduled Results table in the Database to record the success or failure of a bulk action;  this  table can become very large and potentially cause performance issues.

    To help prevent performance issues, please see below link which has a stored procedure attached, the stored procedure will clear down all records that are older than 1 month.


    How to clear-down old Schedule Manager Data